Corporate Client

Opening of business Client for legal persons is our main service historically and we quite excelled on doing it. Every client is multi-currency allowing to keep the funds in defferent currencies for business and investment purposes.

Usually, an Client is activated within 1 hour after application but we will conduct due diligence procedures within next few days. One of our Introducers must be contacted in order to apply and undergo personal identuty verification which is an easy process because we have over 30 such partners wordwide.

The biggest challenge encountered by customer is collection of paperwork submitted to a company. Thus, it often turns out to be a nighmare which we avoid by dividing the process into 2 steps: first is brief visit to our Introducer (which shall help with Client application, personal identity and corporate documents) resulted in same-day Client opening and token activation. Then, while customer conveninetly starts using the Client, within 3-5 days we conduct full due diligence on the business itself. This is the second and final step.

To start the process, please send us a brief e-mail stating the city and country where You wish to visit and we will appoint an Introducer who contact You within 30 minutes.

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